Manual Testing Test Cases writing examples

Manual Testing Test Cases writing examples,Test Case is a chronological document which contains business requirements Test scenarios to verify whether stakeholder requirements are satisfied or not with positive and Negative Test Cases or Test Conditions.

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What is Test Case?

Test Case is a set of rules or conditions by which ,tester can determine whether stake holder business requirements are working properly or not.

Test Case Template:

Test Case Template contains below columns and each column refers an unique description,Please find below details.

1.Test Case ID
4.Module Name
5.Test Objective/Condition
6.Pre Requisites
7. Steps
8.Expected Results
9.Test Data
10.Actual Results
11.Execution Status
12.Prepared By
13.Prepared on
14.Reviewed By
15.Reviewed Date

You can watch more real time examples for Writing Test Cases in Manual Testing and for Web Application in below video.

Manual Testing Test Cases writing examples

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