HP QC Defect life cycle

HP QC defect life cycle which a defect travels through its lifetime. Bug cycle starts when defect is found and ends if a defect is closed, after confirming it is not reproduced. Defect/Bug life cycle is indicates that the defect/bug found during the testing of Applications.

The Defect Life Cycle has different stages as below

1.New:  When a defect is log and posted for the first time in Test Management tools at that time status of Bug as New.

2.Assigned: Once posted bug by tester will check by the Test lead to approves that the bug is genuine then will assigns the Defect to respective developer and the developer team using Test Management Tool.

3.Open:  At this the developer will get email at that time status is Open in Test Management Tool.

4.Fixed: Developer will fix the defect in coding and after unit testing developer will change the bug status to Fixed,then tester will get a email from Test Management Tool.

5.Retest:  Once the Tester will receive the Email regarding fixed defect then tester will start testing the fixed defect one more time to confirm that fixed defect is working properly with out any problem.

6.Verified:Once the defect is retested then tester will change the fixed defect status to Verified in Test Management Tool.

7.Reopen: Once the retested defect is still exists in application/software then tester will change the status of fixed defect to Re open in Test Management Tool.

8.Closed: If the retested defect got fixed properly and not re producible then Test lead will change the status as Closed in Test Management Tool.

9.Duplicate: This status will use where same bug is logged in Test Management Tool at that time bug status will changes to Duplicate.

10.Rejected: Once the defect is logged or fixed if tester re opens the bug because some errors at that time developer is getting correct response at that time bug status will changes to Rejected.

11.Deferred:This bug status tells that present bug will fix in next releases because with this bug there is no major functionality is impacted at that time bug status will changes to Deferred in Test Management Tool.

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