Helpful User Define Functions in QTP

User Define Functions

User define functions are used in QTP to create functions for web/desktop application functionalities to create Test scripts.In order to create User define functions Testers should follow the some steps and Syntax.Same as programming language VBScript will allow to create user define functions for repeatable Actions for Applications.

User Defined Function Creation in QTP

Procedure 1:

Public/Private Function Function Name(String 1,......etc)
Statements 1
Statements 2
Statements 3
Statements 4
End Function

Procedure 2:
  • Using Function definition Generator
  • Click on Function definition Generator
  • Enter Name,Parameters
  • Click on OK

Function Library

Function library is a collection of functions which contains Test scripts for Web/Desktop applications.
In order to delete the redundency ,duplication of Test Suite.In order to use function library first of all testers should associate function library to the Test Scripts.

How to Associate Function library file in QTP

Function library file will save in .vbs extesion.Testers can create function file in Notepad/qtp also.
Function library file can be associate using
File-->Settings-->Resources-->Add Associate library file-->Browse the file path.
We can assign library file using : Executablefile "path of the file"

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