Manual Testing

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In this manual testing I am going to provide more details about real time manual testing concepts, giving real time examples with multiple test templates. I want to provide complete details according to my experience in Software Testing. Please read my testing concepts in order to get complete working knowledge of real time testing.


Software testing is nothing but testing application according to client requirements or
Verification and validation of application according to client requirements.


Software tester verifies documents which includes FSD, SRD etc in order to verify clients requirements for better understanding for applications without build.


Software tester validate the application according to client requirements on provided build.

Software testing is process of validating the project whether client requirements are acceptable to end users.

Testing Types

1. Black Box Testing.
2. White Box Testing.

Black Box Testing

1. Black box testing is nothing but testing the application without knowledge of internal logic.
2. Testers test the application according to requirements and functionality.

White Box Testing

1. White box testing is nothing but testing the application with knowledge of internal code of application.
2. Also known as Glass Box Testing.
3. White box testing will perform by developer.


Unit testing, Component testing etc.

1.What is Smoke Testing/Sanity Testing?
When ever build comes we will test main functionality of applications,in order to verify further testing is conduct on given build.


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