• Selenium is a open source tool and used to test a Web based applications in multiple browsers and multiple platforms.
  • Selenium doesn't support Windows based applications.

Components of Selenium are

  • Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment).
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Web Driver-->Advanced.
  • Record & Playback option is used to know the scripting at initial stage.
  • Selenium IDE is used for record and playback purpose.

Automation Testing

  • More Reusable
  • Quality
  • Repeatable actions is possible
  • Within time application can test
  • Not possible to test GUI.
  • Not possible to test Ad-hoc test cases.
  • Not possible to test newly design test cases.
Object Identification

If user can perform any action on application using Automation tools then we need object identification.

Properties in Selenium
Selenium IDE
  • This selenium IDE is a firefox plugin.
  • Selenium IDE does record and playback.
  • Using ide we can convert our scripts from one language to another language.
Selenium IDE Drawbacks
  • Cross browser testing is not possible.
  • Doesn't support for Description programming.
  • Data driven testing is not possible.
  • Reports generation is not possible.
  • Manually open the browser to open IDE.

Selenium Concepts