Selenium Tutorials Assertions in Selenium

For verifying in selenium we have two verification points ,those are
  • Assert
  • Verify
  • WaitFor
  • Assert:If the test case pass it will go to the next test case and if the test case is fail then it will stop execution.
  • Verify:If the test cases pass or fail it will execute all the test cases at end of execution it eill display result.
  • WaitFor:WaitFor command is used to wait upto some extend to enable some condition to become enable.
  • Assert Text Present:Verify the text on where ever in web page
  • Assert text:Verify the location of text
  • Assert Title:Verify the page title
  • Assert Element Present:Verify the element is present in web page
Assertions/Verify commands in Selenium IDE While Recording
  • Open Selenium IDE
  • Enter URL in Base URL of IDE
  • Enter same url in Firefox browser
  • Click on Enter
  • Right click on any where on page
  • You will see available commands according to below screen.

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