How to Create new Project in HP QC Admin

In this post we are going to learn how HP QC administrator is creating projects,domains in HP QC Administrator ,HP QC is a Test Management Tool where Software Testers will raise the defects once found in Functional testing,Integration Testing and Regression Testing.

HP QC/ALM not only using for Raise the defects and also use for project maintenance ,Tracking of the application status.

Below are the Steps to create project in HP QC admin

  1. Login to site admin
  2. If domain does not exists, click on create domain
  3. Enter domain name and click on Ok
  4. Click on create project
  5. Select the option “Create an empty project” and click on next
  6. Enter project name and select the domain under which project is to be created. Click on next
  7. Select db as MS-SQL and enter db details (it will be auto-populated, leave it as is). Click on next
  8. Select project administrator from right grid and move it to left grid. Click on next
  9. Check the checkbox activate project and enable versioning. Create of create
  10. Click on send email automatically checkbox

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