Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing these days having huge requirements for testing,mostly on Cloud based testing.Mobile apps are building so many ,if you see in google Play more games ,more Mobile Apps with different concepts.

Mobile App testing will follow same testing concepts like Manual Testing Process.

1.Preparing Test Plan
2.Preparing Test Scenarios
3.Preparing Test Cases
4.Execution of Test Cases
5.Bugs Reporting
6.Preparing Summary Report
7.Test Closure

In above process we will test Mobile App with different Technologies according to Client Requirements suppose Example IOS , Android ,Windows etc.

Testers Performs

1.Manual Testing
2.Automation Testing
3.Performance Testing
4.Security Testing
5.Comparability Testing
6.Recovery Testing

These Days most of the companies are acquiring Mobile Testers ,there is a huge demand for mobile testes in marketing.

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