HP QTP Data Driven Testing


  1. Data Driven testing is used to test the application with multiple data.
  2. We will use Excel for data driven testing,
  1. Data Table enables you to run the tests with multiple set of data using Excel ..etc sources
  2. Data Table is used to store number of data and we can parameterize the data to the test script.
  3. In QTP there are two types of sheets by default
    1. Global Sheet
    2. Action1 Sheet
  4. One Data table have 256 sheets and in that one one sheet is Global ,Remaining 255 sheets are Action Sheets.

Two Types of Data tables

  1. Design Time Data Table
  2. Run Time Data Table

Difference between Design Time Data Table and Run Time Data Table

Design Time Data Table Run Time Data Table
This data table is viewed in QTP main test i.e in Expert View below. This data table is viewed in QTP test Results page
This data table is created priot to the test scripts execution. This data table created after the test execution

Creation of Data Driven Testing using Data table

  1. Software Testers will check the application,how it will perform the same action with multiple set of data.
  2. We can create a data driven test with a loop that can run multiple times with the different set of data.

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