Software Testing Requirements Specification

Types of Requirements

1.Business Requirement Specification
2.Software requirement Specification
3.Functional Requirement Specification

Business Requirements Specification:

  1. Business requirements specifies the requirements in terms of business requirements which gives brief details about requirements
  2. It is a high level requirements containing project requirements from stakeholders.
  3. BRD contains benefit case and problem statement from stakeholders system.

Software Requirements Specification:

  • Software Requirement document is an organizations understanding of a stakeholder system requirements,dependencies of a particular system.
  • Software requirement document contains clear requirement details about each module of software related and requirements of the system
  • In this documents all the requirements looks very clear which tells about clear flow of the requirements.

  • Functional Requirements Specification:

    1. Functional requirement document provides functionality of the application/software in the form of screen shots/Elements validations etc.
    2. It provide complete details about the application functionality and provide clear picture about the system .Helps to prepare Test Scenarios,Test Cases. etc

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