HP-QTP Object Repository

Object Repository:

Object Repository is a interface between HP QTP test script and The web application.Object Repository having logical naming convention and physical description for the application objects.Object Repository screen displays tree structure of all the application objects in the current action.


Resources Menu -->Object Repository

Types of Object Repositories

There are two types of Object Repository

1.Per Action Object Repository
2.Shared Object Repository

1.Per Action Object Repository

Per Action OR stores application objects that are associated with one specific action.So only that action can access the objects which are in Test scripts using per action object repository

2.Shared Object Repository

Shared Object Repository enables to stores application objects that can accessed by multiple components of application and any number of actions can access the shared object repository.

Object Repository Manager

Object Repository Manager enables to open multiple shared object repositories and modify object repositories as needed.We can open shared object repositories both from file system.


Resources-->Object Repository Manager

Operations Performs:

1.Creating new Object Repositories
2.Open object repositories
3.Save modified object repositories
4.Manipulating objects in shared object repositories
5.Managing repository parameters
6.Performing merge operations

Object Repository Comparison Tool

This tool is used to compare two object repositories in order to verify the objects of applications.

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