How to install jira in windows

This post provides how to install a JIRA installation on Windows using the Windows Installer.
JIRA is a tool where it is used for Testing and Software Development for Agile model.

Below Steps provide information to install jira in windows

  1. Download latest windows version i.e atlassian-jira-6.4.11-x32.exe
  2. Double click on .exe file
  3. It will open installer
  4. In installer you will see two options
  • Express Install(Default Settings)
  • Custom Install
  • Upgrade existing jira installation
1.Express Install(Default Settings):

Express install will JIRA install default settings in the coming next steps and it will select directory and jira home directory automatically.

2.Custom Install:

Custom install is will prompt to select user selection to select Directory ,JIRA home directory to install.Custom install will provide option to select/update HTTP,Control ports options while installing JIRA.If we are installing JIRA as a service in our system then every time we have to start jara as start-jira.jar using command prompt or run the jar file on 
C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\bin\start-jira.jar

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