SDLC Agile model for Software Developers and Software Testers

Agile model is a software development life cycle model(SDLC) where happening continuos development and testing through out the SDLC i.e software development Life cycle to develop and provide quality software to stakeholders.Development and Testing happening continuously with iteration basics.
Advantages of Agile Model in SDLC:
  • Software developes very fast.
  • Customer satisfaction with rapid development of requirements.
  • Sofware is delivered in production with in 2-4 week s time.
  • Continuous working software delivery.
  • Continuous interaction of development and testing team with software requirements and changes.
Dis Advantages of Agile Model in SDLC:
  • For long lasting project development this model is not useful.
  • For short term project is useful.
  • Unable to prepare proper Design and documentation regarding project.
Various types of Agile methods are listed below.


Scrum is a agile method where it speak about how to manage the tasks between the teams like development environments. Scrum master will conduct the meeting with development team in order to divide the team into no of people to handle particular requirements to develop.In this meeting requirements will divided and assigns to particular team members to complete the task in order to deliver the projects on time.This task will known as one Sprint,once all the task is completed and release for production then one sprint will close.
In this way all the major requirements will release for production with number of sprints.
Each sprint have number of major requirements.

In this Agile model.
  • Daily Scrum meetings will happens.
  • Daily updates regarding project status.
  • Daily task completion and changes(CR).
  • Defects will fix immediately in middle of development.
  • Developers and Testers will work together parallelly.

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