Apache Gora 0.6.1 is released

For Apache Gora tutorials ,Apache used to store web server logs in HBase and for analyze the results used Apache Hadoop for storing purpose using HSQLDB or MYSQL.For Apache Gora tutorials please use this link Apache Gora Tutorials.

Apache Gora  0.6.1 is released  on 05 September 2015 with new changes in this version below changes are improved

  1. Improve Source Code as Java 7 Compatible
  2. Clean up code bug fix
  3. Test Driver for AccumuloStoreTest
  4. Hadoop-1 compatible binaries for Apache Gora
  5. Gora Spark Backend Support

More are there total 21 changes and bug fixes in this release for more details you can have a look 0.6.1 changes.

The Apache Gora open source framework which is provides an in-memory data model, resolution for Big data,it supports resolutions to column stores, key values, document stores and DBMSs,analyzing the data with extensive Apache Hadoop MapReduce. 

Apache Gora is a framework aimed for 
  • Apache Gora is for developers who will work with data volumes for Big Data under No SQL.
  • Mapping Java REST API to NoSQL
  • For Software Testers in order to check the application under Big Data Storage mediums for those how applications are suitable for data storage and easy interchangeable.
  • Data storage tasks who is interested like Developers

Apache Gora supports below OS

  • MAC OSX 10.9.3
  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu

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