Salesforce Announces IOT Internet of Things Cloud

Now Sales force is enters into the basket of IOT for their Big Data platform

Salesforce announces Internet of Things cloud and step into IOT cloud.Salesforce already immersed CRM into Cloud platform.Across the globe all the peoples are connecting to the internet in order to access the information which is related to all the information of Technology,Medical,Software etc as well as to do business with people's.

Most of the business is running with internet and communicating with people in order to do success business,suppose example Online Work,Work from home.Not only people is connected to Internet but most of the electronics are connection each other and using Internet to work successfully.

If we take mobile devices those are connected to the Cloud and communicating to each other mobiles through waves transmission.In order to work this required Internet and communication.

Day by day Internet usage is increasing like anything to connect to cloud formation as "Internet of Things".IOT Cloud allow businesses to connect data from internet of things and digital  with customers information.

IOT Cloud provide information to companies which are using internet will provide complete picture of information or data they are using and managing the data ,IOT will give better picture how to use those data and capture it.

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