When to stop Software Testing

Software Testing is a procedure or process of flow or testing of a product or Requirements in order to find the defects in developed application.May be testers are thinking that we are done or completed because there are no bugs ,defects or errors are not existed in tested application or product/Software.It should not think like this to stop the testing.

According to expetise Software testing is to find maximum of defects in products which you are testing but can't say when to stop testing because who don't know when there is a one scenario which is missed because of that cause errors in software product may be it because of network problems,integration problem and etc. Software testers should not think like we are done the testing to release the product for stakeholders  but need to test the application where no one can find the defects in exists and tested application or Software.

Any software ,Product have unlimited of defects may be because of program like coding and we can not say that product is bug free.When coming to Mobile App testing testers should test each and everything from scratch like UI designs,Spell mistakes,Functionalities,Network (2g,3g,Wifi), Performance,Security etc.After testing all these types at last we can find any bug which is missed in scenarios.

Please ensure that any software tester can't say when we need to stop the testing ,according to my experience can't say because always we can't guarantee that programme is 100% bug free.According to testing the applications we need to find more number of bugs in order to release the software to stakeholders.

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