Apple iOS 9 out now for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Apple released final ios 9 for IPhone,iPad and iPod with this update your phone,ipad,ipod touch will become more proactive.Search is also increased.In this update you can work with two or more apps at a time.

Some of Features 

1.Built in apps becomes more proactive.
3.Redesign of Notes
4.Improvement of Operating System.
5.An extra battery life
6.Search of your personal photos,videos on the base of dates.
7.In maps you can get with this update as you can browse places around by category,which includes foods,shopping and more fun.
8.Mail functionality is improved
9.Apple pay and wallet related changes and improvements
10.Supports for Discover cards

This is releases with more improvements with this IOS9 for iPad,iPhone and iPod

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