Mobile App Development Frameworks for HTML 5,Java Script and CSS

According to recent survey Mobile usage is increasing like anything and coming in future mobiles ,Mobile Apps are playing vital role in the world.Most of the companies are doing business on only Mobile apps and Mobiles.Everyone things that Mobile Apps are developing with Android,ios etc platforms but Mobile Apps can develop with HTML5,Javascripts and CSS also with this below frameworks.Lets see the details below.

Some of the useful Frameworks are

1.Jquery Mobile
2.Apache Cordova

JQuery Mobile:

JQuery Mobile framework provide Write less and do lot magic to develop mobile apps with HTML 5.JQuery Mobile Framework provides option to design responsive mobile website or mobile apps to create for your brand for any platform.


Apache Cordova is a set of APIs will allow a mobile app developers to access native device functions.Contains UI jquery mobile frameworks to develop Smartphone mobile apps.Using Apache Cordova mobile app developers will develop mobile app with out Java,C,Objective C languages ,where cordova provides set of javascript libraries.


JQT zepto it is a jquery plugin to develop mobile apps for iPhone,Android,iPod touch.It is offers many features and customizable for mobile apps.Developers use this jqt to get more required functionality.


Ionic is a advanced mobile app development framework and it is a open sourcefront end sdk for mobile app developeres where you can build native mobile apps.To develop with this Ionic framework you should require Angular js .


Using this Ratchet mobile app developers will develop easily with simple HTML,Javascript and CSS coding.It will provide more reusable HTML classes,JS Plugins to start developing mobile apps.


Lungo is a HTML 5 framework for your mobile apps,it is a open source project and it will provide powerful Java script API.

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