Mobile App Testing KEY challenges

Variety of mobile handset devices

  • The increase in number of new emerging devices and varieties of devices used by the customers is the most obvious challenge in mobile application testing.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of different client devices which must be considered in testing of the mobile applications. 
  • The number could be reduced to an extent of only the targeted devices, but one has to be sure regarding the targeted devices. 
  • These varieties of devices have different screen resolutions, input types Ex: click, touch, and normal, different Mobile OS and different hardware limitations.

Availability of targeted devices

This is again a challenge in testing of mobile application. Availability of thousand of real devices for testing is too difficult. Also testing with real devices is incredibly expensive and labor intensive.

Variety of mobile OS/Platforms

  • Unlike the desktop computer, mobile device run on different platform/OS. There are Variety of mobile OS available in market for mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, iOS, Symbian etc.
  • Diversity in mobile devices, diversity in mobile platforms and its various versions along with the platform limitations make it more challenging for developing as well as testing the mobile applications.

Variety of network operators

Airtel,Vodafone,Idea,Telenor etc.

Overcome the above Challenges

  • Knowing the challenges in Mobile application testing, the strategy used for testing should focus on delivering Quality mobile applications satisfying the customer needs.
  • Some points that prove useful while testing mobile applications.
  • Testing the application on maximum possible target devices.
  • Testing on Mobile emulators which reduce the cost of real devices.
  • Use Remote real devices which allows access to various range of devices and under various network providers all over the word.