Testing on Cloud and importance

Many companies are choosing cloud services due to its cost effectiveness and facilities, it is essential to verify few benchmark based on which quality of cloud services can be decided.

Security Testing

While clients all data will be available in to cloud, security becomes key concern for them – specially for services provided on public cloud. Due to such concern now, Providers are also becomes very conscious for security and hence invest more on security and provide security of data with responsibility.

Availability Testing 

Cloud offerings must be available at all the time. It is the responsibility of the cloud vendor to ensure that there are no abrupt downtimes. In addition the business of the client must not be adversely affected in case of any planned downtime.

Elasticity Testing

Customer on Cloud computing have a dynamic computing loads. At times of high load, they need greater amount of computing resources available to them on demand, and when the work loads are low, the computing resources are released back to the cloud pool. Customer expect the service provider to charge them for what they have actually used in the process.

Disaster Recovery Testing

It is preferred that a cloud offering be available all the time, though it is not 100 percentage achievable even for on-premise applications.In case of a failure, the disaster recovery should be possible and its time must be low. Verification must be done to ensure the service is back online with minimum adverse effects on the clients business.

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